Bruno’s Dance Collection

Each dance’s link below has instructions, embedded media, and an attached handout.
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These Dances by Arrangement and Number of Dancers

General Resources

15th Century Italian

16th Century Italian

Gresley (~1500)

Arbeau (1589)

Inns of Court (1570-1675)

Playford (1651 – Original)

Playford (Later editions) and other
Later English Country Dances

Chichester Manuscript* (ca. 1610)

Other Modern Invented Dances

* “The Chichester Manuscript” is the name I have chosen for my collection of dances that I have written and choreographed to fit in with the characteristics of the early editions of Playford’s Dancing Master. On my Handouts page, I have spreadsheets where I have collected the various musical elements and the various steps used in the first two editions of Playford. I chose Chichester because it is near the southern coast (in case I want to include any bransles that may have trickled in across the Channel) and because I was able to find evidence of an active dance community in the 1600s. My goal is to compile all my dances into a book and present it as a “long lost manuscript” that was recently “found.”