Sellenger’s Round

Circle Dance for as many couples as will

(The Siding in this video is more modern. We just meet at the shoulder and then go back.)


Verse I.

A1&2 – Take hands, 8 Slip Steps left. Then 8 Slip Steps back to the right.

B1* – Single Forward, Single Forward, clap. Double Back, face partner, Set and Turn Single.
B2 – Repeat B1.

Verse II.

A1&2 – All take hands, Double Forward into the center, then Double Back. That again.

B1&2 – As in Part I.

Verse III.

A1&2 – Side right with partner. Side left with partner.

B1&2 – As in Part I.

Verse IV.

A1&2 – Arm right with partner. Arm left with partner.

B1&2 – As in Part I.

* NOTE: In Northshield, we dance the B1 section with the ladies going in a Double and the lords going out. Switch that for the B2 section.