Scotch Cap

Line Dance for 3 Couples


Verse I.

A1&2 – Partners lead up a Double and fall back a Double. That again.

B1 – 1st and 2nd Women go back a Double. 2nd and 3rd Men go back a Double. All four cross over to change places. 1st Man and 3rd Woman then change places also.
B2 – Repeat back to your places.

Verse II.

A1&2 – Side right with your Partner. Side left with your Partner.

B1 – Men take hands and Women take hands. All go back a Double and forward a Double. 1st & 3rd Men Arm right. 1st & 3rd Women and 2nd Couple do the same, falling back to your places.
B2 – Take hands as before, fall back a Double and meet. Turn your Partner by both hands.

Verse III.

A1&2 – Arm right with partner. Arm left with partner.

B1 – Men and Women take hands as before. All go 4 slip steps to their own left. 3rd Man give Right hand to 1st Woman and everyone hey (with hands) back to their places.
B2 – Repeat the other direction.

* Note: There are some variances to these instructions. The most common differences are in 1B – the Men going first – and in 2B2 – taking hands across the top and bottom (1W-2M-1M and 3W-2W-3M).