Road to the Isles

for any number of Couples in a line

This dance was adapted by SCA members and is often danced to “Scotland the Brave,” although there is a “Road to the Isles” tune that also works well. This video is a little rough, but it’s the only one I could find dancing it the SCA way.


Couples begin in Promenade or Varsovienne hold, both facing front and holding both hands, the Woman’s right hand up by her shoulder and the Man’s right behind her shoulders.

1: Point Left toe forward and hold, then cross Left foot behind the Right and step to the Right with the Right foot.

2: Bring the Left foot next to the Right and hold, then point the Right toe and hold.

3: Cross Right foot behind the Left and step to the Left with the Left foot. Bring the Right foot next to the Left and hold.

4: Point Left toe forward and hold, then backward and hold.

5-6: Step forward LRL, hop, then RLR, hop, turning during the last hop to face the other way, still holding both hands, the lady’s Left hand going up by her shoulder.

7-8: Step forward LRL, hop and turn, then step backward RLR, hop.

9-10: Repeat 7-8.

11-12: Repeat again.

13-14: Take Right hands with each other. The lord walks forward with his hand over the lady’s head, while she walks forward, turning the whole way.

15-16: Turn to face each other, keeping Right hands. Step together, step apart, then return to the Promenade position, the lord going behind the lady and taking Left hands.