Bebhinn’s Delight

Circle Dance for as many Couples as will

Music and Choreography by Bruno Lachner

Audio only:


Verse I.

A – All take hands and go in a Double and fall back a Double. That again.

B1 – Men put their Women into the middle. Men Set and Turn Single, then put the Woman back.
B2 – Women do the same with the Men.

Verse II.

A – Side right with your Partner. Side left with your Partner.

B1 – Facing your Partner, take both hands and go 4 slip steps into the middle then 4 slip steps back out. Set and Turn Single.
B2 – Go 4 slips steps away from the circle, then back in. Set and Turn Single.

Verse III.

A – Arm right with partner. Arm left with partner.

B1 – All go around your Partner, faces to each other (gypsy). Set and Turn Single.
B2 – All go around the other way, faces to your Partner. Set and Turn Single.